Anybody tried Project Fugu the new browser api's from google which let's progressive webapps access the users filesystem, contacts, computer vision, nfc, geo fencing and launch other apps?


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    “Our commitment to a more powerful web”


    “Our commitment to ever increasing the scope of how we can collect data about you”
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    Just tell me there has to be a permission request before they can access them like in android or ios...
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    Bridging gap between web and native - This is news!

    More updates on a recent blog entry https://blog.chromium.org/2019/05/...
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    Last time I checked it was under development, something changed since then ?
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    @RantSomeWhere don’t forget about cloud gaming and 5g virtual sim cards, volte so your phone is also in the cloud 🙂
    Money is gone and you can buy something only using credit cards so your money is in the cloud too.
    Last people are hiding in forests but drones are already tracking their moves.
    Last thing would be force people to wear computer implants that would monitor their moves when they forget cell phone and monitor their lives 24/7.

    Thanks to internet and the great good.
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    we should all make a deal to implement a safety switch in the form of some browser config or something like "devrant.duck" and if its present in your browser the app skips all data collection. And now if someone gets to work on such crap they can put the switch in and the few of us here will be safe-er! I just love conspiracy
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    @Hazarth When forced to add tracking, I make it super easy to identify and disable. e.g.
    <img data-user-tracking="..." ... />
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    @Root godspeed root, you're my type of person!
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