1 - Spend 6 months building an app with Flutter
2 - Try to add in-app purchase. Must upload an apk to google console and register a product
3 - Must launch the app so the product is activated
4 - Console complains apk must contain 64 bits version
5 - Go to the issues tab on github and find a solution
6 - Implement the solution, recompile and send 2 apk files to Console
7 - Did not work...
8 - Find out maybe the console will allow just on closed alpha and beyond
9 - Put apks on closed alpha and fail because the Console wants a new apks with increased version codes...
10 - Recompile and send apks
11 - Console won't allow launching unless the format is using the new App Bundle
12 - Flutter does not support App Bundle with 32 and 64 bits...
13 - See issue about it saying the possible fix is in beta version, just need to update... What could go wrong?

I just wanted to release a damn app

I hate that shit

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    Go native. Problem solved
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    @Floydian alternate store 🤣
    You mean the bootleg sites that tried to swindle you into installing a backdoor? 🤣
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    You could try putting it on https://f-droid.org if you want.
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    Ah bleeding edge tech
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    @Floydian busy working I guess 😀
    I switched jobs and with that didn't have much to e for devrant, my mind was fully occupied by the excitement of the new job 😀

    But yes, here I am. And I great, getting better and better 😀
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