TLDR: programming helped with my math weakness

I've always been bad at math. I always failed my math quizzes, and to be honest the only thing that I remember from that time was that I hated it, I didn't want anything to do with it, to hell with functions and formulas and all of that garbage.

Fast forward a couple of years. I just started my masters degree in machine learning and I'm sort of inclined to applications of deep learning in signal processing. Currently I'm writing a fourier transform in raw python and I've never had more fun. I feel like programming has helped me a lot with math, being able to see how each component behaves when you write a function helps a lot! Being able to plot things helps a lot! Not having to imagine mathematical functions as esoteric mystical wonders but being able to split them up into small components and seeing what you're doing wrong HELPS. A. LOT.

Just felt like sharing. I feel like programming has made me a generally smarter person, in regards to how I approach problems and think about stuff.

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    I have dyscalculia. I wish I could relate. While I was happy to take one Calculus class where they FINALLY told us what derivatives were used for in the real world and not the fantasy world of a prior professor’s dissertation, I still have trouble with math. I flip positive and negative signs, transpose numbers, forget steps, and generally cannot logic my way out of a wet paper bag. When I do, it takes LOTS of trial and error and writing crap down or using a spreadsheet. When I tell people I’m a programmer AND am bad at math, they don’t understand how that can even be a thing.
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    Meanwhile, ever since I got into programming I suck at maths, and it is currently a possible factor of failing my grade.
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    the thing i remember from math class was "algebra? who the fuck needs that in real life? why do i have to know this? I don't see any use of that, I hate it"
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    @stackodev the thing is that math that you learn in school is very unstructured. They give you a white paper and tell you to draw solutions from the realm of your imagination.

    Programming is very structured, there are very specific rules you have to follow. I always felt like rather than being restrictions, these rules were a framework I could lean on.

    Also, I wish you the best of luck with your dyscalculia, maybe you can find some creative way that helps you!
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