Almost 3 years ago I contacted an IT company that was looking for developers. The job listing was vague at best but it was a 10 man company with huge international clients for content migration and improvement.

I had basically no prior development experience but got invited to the interview regardless. I took a test in Java, first time I had seen the language but I finished it with some help from Google. At the time I was still a student so I couldn't work full time either.

Disregarding all that, the team lead advised the CEO to hire me regardless, so he did.

Forward to today.

I still proudly work for this company and have been responsible for a complete redesign of their flagship product. I learned a great deal about software development and developed an amazing relationship with most of the employees. The company has quadrupled in size since and we are moving to a bigger office start of next year.

Sometimes life gives you gold, not lemons.

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    nice story of you
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    So, a long time ago, I was in charge of updating an entire php system running in LATAM and the Caribbean, to support internationalization... no documentation, no I18n, no nothing, so I have to code a few classes and an a whole set of scripts to parse (and modify) the html's and php files generating a beautiful csv file with the text messages and blanks to complete each translation... It worked as a charm, I mean... The system doesn't had a backup server, nor data backup... I think I had a personal codding angel taking care of me. :joy:
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    Glad to hear this man, I am in a similar situation and Im grateful as fuck too
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    @nagarev Caribbean you say? Are you from the islands?
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    @kshep92 hi! not really, I'm from Uruguay, but this system is used by people from Caribbean too. Nice to meet you!
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    I was like "hey that sounds familiar", but then I saw who wrote the post ;)
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    @nagarev nice to meet you too!
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