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So I sent my Pixel 3a with a broken screen to the Google repair center and within 2 days I got a response that there's liquid damage. OMFG.

So now I get options:
1. Not repair, I get my money back.
2. Buy a refurbished one for basically the new price and I might not get the same colour device.

So basically I'm forced to choose option 1, because I could also buy a new one at the same price.


So just due to bad luck I now don't have a functioning Pixel 3a any more.


On the bright side: I explained my story to Google in a contact form and they called me back within 10 seconds. I spoke to the most helpful employee ever (Chris). He was very understanding and called it an exceptional situation. He now is reaching out to the repair center where he can get in touch with the actual repair people and see what can alternative Google might be able to offer me.

I don't expect anything, but kudos for Google's customer support.

Also, why do I keep hoping that this multibillion dollar company would just say: hey buddy, here's your new phone for free, just make sure you will promote it with your friends and family if you like it.

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    you can't get the parts to fix it yourself?
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    That „water damage“ is a real snkeaky that phone manifacturers pulled on us, it has nothing to do with broken parts and yet it gets them out of any repair job. Cunts.
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    @possum well it's not that you can do anything about a fried cpu because water shorted two contacts. No need to be so aggressive
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    @dudeking that's not the only reason, I talked to a guy that had been running a repair store for a little while about an ipad that I had gotten wet. He said corrosion was a big fear when it came to water finding its way in. Said even if you manage to save it and clean the connections, it usually corrodes right back up within a month or two.

    That shouldn't be anything to discourage anyone from attempting to fix their own device of course, just that when your a repair shop, you tend to get married to the things you repair and taking a risk on a 1 month turnaround that the customer is going to expect for free is just simply bad for business
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    @M1sf3t it should be discouraged because as soon as you let anyone fix their own device there would be a million thing that people broke trying to repair it and try under warranty.
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    @dudeking idk, most people that have a warranty will generally try to use the warranty before they do anything else. Once the water damage has been noticed and the warranty voided then what can they do?

    In any case you can generally tell whether something's been tampered with, regardless of the damage.

    Thats the way it is in the auto and equipment industries anyway. You have to walk a fine line just servicing your own shit if you expect to keep the warranty from some manufacturers.
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    @M1sf3t well if your warranty is out then nobody is stopping you apart from Apple. Warranty void is there to remove any risk of people exploiting what I mentioned abovo
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    @dudeking apple? apple generally makes their parts available.

    At least they did on everything I have, not sure about all the latest hardware. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if they stopped.
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    @M1sf3t latest hardware doesn't allow even screen repairs because of a lockout chip, and a suitable one could be made only at a repair shop.
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    @dudeking figures, there's doesn't seem to much left of that bitten apple logo anymore. Think every osX change startin at captain has felt just as much like a downgrade as it has any improvement
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    For reference, (I have a 3a) these phones are literally designed to be repaired. A screen replacement is just:

    - heat up the edges a little
    - suction cup the screen and it will come off.
    - undo the two labeled screws
    - take off the connecter
    - do every in reverse to put a new one on
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    @ewpratten how much is a little, just a few seconds with a mild wattage heat gun or we talkin bake in the oven on 210 like you have to do a headlight assembly
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    @M1sf3t few seconds.

    If you are determined enough, you can just do it with a plastic card to etch away the glue
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    Watch this video from about 27 to 45 seconds

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