Became 30 yesterday.

If I were to die by 60, I'm at the halfway point.

If I were to die by 50, I have spent about two thirds of my life.

If I were to die by 40, well only left a decade left.


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    Recognize, accept, let go. That's the best thing you can do for yourself
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    Or, you know, pray for a benevolent ASI that plans to make humanity immortal, and achieves that within the next fourty years.
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    If you were to die tomorrow, only today left.

    Enjoy. 😶

    Happy birthday. 😊
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    Happy 30s
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    50's here and I'm reminded my youngest friend died in their 20's, so death can come to you any time . .

    One reason I moved to a magic island where folk often live beyond 100..

    Related link:

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    Fuck it, I'm gonna live forever! So far my plan is working.

    Happy b-day btw
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    Happy birthday my man. Try not to smoke too much and excercise. Welcome to 30s.
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    @netikras same here LoL

    Happy birthday BTW
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    How about tomorrow

    And this moment when you finish reading this messa..
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    You are now in the down hill slide. Only gets more depressing from here :)

    I'm 42 can honestly say I have noticed a cognitive drop from my 20's/30's (cannot retain/remember as much as I used to)

    Age discrimination is really a thing. Sometimes I forget I'm 42 and look at how beautiful 25yo people are, then look in mirror and like damn... This sucks...

    My only only advice is never ever ever ever get married or have kids. Being single is all I wish for.
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    Not looking my age means folk think I'm a teenager who doesn't know anything..

    When they find out how old I am, I'm too old for anything !

    I don't want to get married or have kids, but otherwise it would be nice to have some time with a woman.

    Now, how to go across the road and ask if they are running a brothel and what are their hourly rates..

    Might be cheaper than dating. :-)
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    I don't mind spending up to year with same woman, but I really don't think the human species is meant to be with the same mate for life. I really do think a lot of it is biological. Or maybe I'm just selfish and don't want to put up with relationship issues, moving on is easier.

    I'm in special case, my wife is disabled, and if I left, I would be "that guy" that abandoned his disabled wife and kid. She is too afraid to go it on her own, she is estranged from her family, no friends, no support network. It's just a really bad situation. I'm not a cheater, I've never would cheat, but we sleep in separate beds, haven't even hugged or kissed in 6 years. It's like having a room mate that would kill you in your sleep if you decided to go out with someone else. Just bad situation all around.
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    @Nanos eventually my situation has to come to an end for either of us to be happy. I'm eventually going to have to make the hard decision, just as I'm doing now with my current company. But first I have to increase my net worth significantly so I can support two separate rent payment, living expenses, etc. Which this employment move is the first step of doing that. Maybe next year I will be able to successfully extricate myself from this.
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    > if I left, I would be "that guy" that

    > abandoned his

    You know, women do that all the time, and whilst those that know, label them 'that woman', practically everyone in the future they meet, will have no idea about their past.

    I've known couples who have been together for 20+ years, and one of them gets ill, and the other just dumps them.

    I remember myself, had a very ill partner for a while, gave up my studying to look after them, as soon as they was well, they dumped me for someone else !

    They then dumped that person for someone else too..

    There seems to be a pattern here !
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    > Maybe next year I will be able to

    > successfully extricate myself from this.

    FX [ Crosses fingers. ]
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    Ultimately, I don't think my conscience would allow me to abruptly leave, I'm not one to care much what others think about me.

    This needs to be done as humanely and with as much care as possible for me not to live in perpetual guilt, which to me would be much worse than current situation.

    She isn't against living separately, we have discussed it at length, just financially it's not possible currently since she cannot work, disability in US only gives a $700 monthly allowance. Such a pittance to the most vulnerable of our society.

    Thus, in past few months I've realized the one area I need to concentrate on to meet our goals of mutual respectful separation is increase my net worth substantially, and I've taken first step of that with accepting this job offer. I just doubled my salary literally. The cost of living and taxes are going to increase significantly when we move so I won't see the entire salary increase, but it should be enough to start the separation process. My next step is to buy a duplex with my VA loan, but for that I need to fix my credit significantly, which all should be either dropped from credit report or paid off next year (most of my bad debt is 5-6 years old when I made my career change and had to significantly reduce my income)

    We can then live in separate sides of duplex, maybe for a year, then I can move and she can rent the other side for enough to pay mortgage so she can live rent free.

    And viola, in few years time all well be well.

    Beats my first idea, which was commit a crime to go to prison for a few years and hope she has moved on while I was locked up. But I can't take chances that she would so came up with second plan.
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    Sounds a very thoughtful and caring plan.

    I'm reminded of one relationship where I left and made sure the kids/mother got to stay in my house.

    Friends said I was crazy to be so nice..

    I was more concerned about helping the kids as much as possible.

    Then some years later met someone and we moved in together, I lost my job and they left, a week later I was homeless as unable to afford the rent.

    When someone was living with me, and they lost their job, I didn't kick them out !

    Recently I asked a bunch of women at random what they would do in such situations, they ALL said they would kick the guy out onto the street the moment he lost his job and wouldn't care if he was homeless/etc.

    After asking a few hundred women, I started to get disillusioned that no woman would be as kind as a man about these things!

    I stopped collecting data on that situation and now just assume any future partner is going to screw me over the second they want to.
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    Happy birthday 🎂 🎉 🎊 🎁 🎈 🍰 🍻 🍾 🥂 🥃 🍷 🍸 🍹

    Oh hey, by life expectancies of a few decade ago there was a good chance you'd already be dead 😜 but you're not! So let's celebrate! 😁 🍻
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    I guess I probably did usurp this thread with my comments lol @cursee sorry!! Happy birthday!!! Old man!!!
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    Thank you guys. Was a bit down these days. You guys brightened up my mood a bit.

    That's a nice discussion @hash-table and @Nanos although I'll get married one day 😝
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    Thirties isn't so bad, fourty is when it hit me hard. It's also when I noticed the most severe downturn in my looks, but I think a lot of that was the meds and stress that I was on/going through that year more than actual aging naturally.

    Just remember to enjoy what you have and not stress too much.

    Life isn't that hard if you remember to stop and smell the roses now and again.

    I'm actually dreading 50 lol that's when your looks and body really do start failing faster.

    The worst for me is I still feel 20 and forget I look 40 until looking in mirror I realize flirting with that 20yo was quite obtuse, lol.
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    Lessons I learned about my body as I got older:

    If it starts to hurt, stop !

    Even if that means disappointing others..

    You come first, because once you are injured, no one cares a damn.

    So, next time you think of helping someone move that really heavy wardrobe, and you think it won't matter not putting your steel toe capped boots, because what's the worse that can happen.

    Why, you can break your foot and the wardrobe person refuses to take you to hospital and gets some other mug to help them instead !

    Also, don't take so many risks to enjoy yourself.

    I'm sure climbing a mountain is great fun, until you fall off..

    How about a more round hill with less steep sides. :-)
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    @Root forty*
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    What if you died tomorrow?
    What if you died when you were 20?
    What if you died when you were 10?
    What if you never would've been born?

    With each passing year as we increasing the number of lives we're impacting?
    With each passing year are we ensuring that more and more people will genuinely miss us when we're gone?
    Are we doing work that will leave a legacy?
    Have we experienced being super rich and super poor and everything in between?
    Are we reading more n more books each passing year?

    Do i want to live forever?
    Fuck yea
    Do i plan my life as per that
    Fuck no
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    If you died tomorrow you'd be a statistical outlier. 🤷‍♂️
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