Making an ad for web design.
Give me your puns to design something around so it isn't boring...

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    Hello fellow designer!
    Could you tell us more about your product/service you offer, please. 🙂
    Are you a specialist in something?
    What customer would you like to attract? Appart from styling do you write concepts too that solve business problems?
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    @heyheni abso-fruitly
    we primarily do web design and development for small businesses. We also offer design services along with search engine optimization, and of course do application development as well but that isn't exactly what I'm going to be offering here. The ad is going in a magazine.
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    @ErvinSabic that's still not much to work with. 😟 With that description there is no convincing reason why to hire you over let's say indian fiverr freelancer who does your job for $300.

    🙂 You know what, I highly recommend you the book Copywriters Handbook.
    It gives you guidelines on how to find your selling proposition and benefits. So that you could hire a freelance copywriter. Let a pro do it, otherwise you'll thow money out of the window with that Newspaper advertisment.
    Because advertisment is not about funny puns but about to sell stuff.

    And ask your self, who reads that newspaper? Probably older and more complicated people? Do you want them as your client?

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    I came up with
    "Web Design so good we make spiders jealous"
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