Third day of working on my recruitment task, and I'm starting to get pissed. I'm applying for Junior JS developer (suprised that they even picked me, I had 1 JS project in my resume, rest was Java). The task seemed simple, create website with autocomplete field which gets 10 cities with most polluted air from given country and get cities deacription from Wikipedia. But hell no. First, the air quality API that they told me to use sucks horse dick. Like seriousy, you can get a fucking timeout while fetching data, because as author explained, someone decided to make 2 fucking queries per request, one to count all possible results, and then the second one for actual data. Like, WTF, why would you do that. After I got that shit to work from time to time, it was time to Wikipedia API. And the shitshow starts again. Because it turns out that you can't filter the results based on the category. Which means that if the city has the same name as river or some fucking guy doing sports, I won't get the fucking description, because it will simply return info, that there are more more that 1 result. At this point, I'm so fucking pissed, I am barely keeping it together. I want to work at this company, because the pay is great, there are a lot of opportunities and shot, but god dammit, if I finish this task, I'm getting drunk for 3 days straight.

EDIT: even author of the air quality API says that it is not a good fit for given task...

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    Cant you do something like "name_(city)" in the wikipedia api? I faintly remember that being an option.
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    @tekashi to be honest, I looked for it for 2 days and I didn't find that. From what I've read online I also came to the conclusion there is no way to do that. But if maybe you have a piece of code or something that would show how to do it, I would really appreciate it.
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    Oh i know, i used the duckduckgo instant answer api, i dont know how much that helps you, its

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    @tekashi tanks, atleast I learned something from that. Unfortunitely, they force me to use Wikipedia API (I have to extract first sentence from Wikipedia article)
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