Just applied to a new job with this as my cover letter.
Wish me luck!

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    I like that :)
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    interesting combination of stack in dev & data. good luck ;)
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    Awesome, I love it.

    I’ve talked to HR people about having fancy resumes and most of them don’t really like it. They’re much more interested in the content than the presentation.
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    I actually like this, but if this went through HR or one of those filtering programs it would probably be skipped for not making any sense.

    I would use this if you know the CV is going straight to a dev ­čĹŹ
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    Probably guna get downvoted, but I'll explain.

    If I got handed this is delete the email / throw it out before even reading it, sure its cool but it'd kinda showoff-ey and takes longer than necessary to read.

    If this was a website it would be sick, and I'd love it, but as a professional cover letter it it stands out in a bad way

    (Just my option from hiring people in the past, I'm sure others don't see a problem with it)

    Good luck for the job :)!!
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    Um... second to last line, shouldn't it be "new employEr"? @gitoutofhere

    Still, really neat letter!
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    @ThatDude I think he made an @Error.
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    If the stereotypes about HR and what regular people believe hackish is are true, this is a genius plan
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    Don't forget to tell us what happened to your application!
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    > employeer
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    That’s pretty nifty, but looks more like a resume than a cover letter. At least my understanding is a cover letter is an actual letter that expands on your resume to the hiring company on why you’re the best fit for the position. I am interested to see how it pans out.
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    Hahaha I made a website with a similar theme... Not for a job or anything, I was just bored.

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    @hcaz IMHO it's a funny joke. I might even invite for the interview but most likely I will think "childish and unprofessional".
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    I hope the HR's know programming!

    Good Luck mate.
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    #1 Experience: Representing timespan as string is bad.
    #2 framework has to handle list of string and list of list of string ;)

    But I like it a lot. If it won't go through HR, there are probably more interesting companies around :)
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    Now imagine HR person reading that...
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    this is awesome, im totally stealing this idea next time im sending a cv
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    Fired, you didn’t use a monospace font.
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    Makes for a good response to those hipster billboards.
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    How did it end?
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    @gitpull got two job offers by including this. And had a fun talk to the devops people in each team :3
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