How to teach a 5 yr child to code?

The method is simple you don't need to teach him to code just help him to understand the method to execute a task. It took me years to understand that coding is a way to express what you want to say- the method and also is our expression. So, if you can help him/her to understand what to express, then I believe the method on how to express is totally unworthy. He/she can say printf("I know this") or print("I know this") or #I know this or he/she may create a new language.
Which you might call: The Baby's Code in future

If you like it do ++

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    This seems a pretty good philosophy.

    I wished I can give 1000++
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    I got a Lego Mindstorms set when I was 8, which came with PC software to create programs and load them onto the "RCX" base brick. The programming was done by dragging action or decision blocks after one another.
    TL;DR What I mean by this: Anything that helps breaking up ideas into simple separate steps teaches that special thinking needed.
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    @possum Yes that's the basic thing to teach someone.
    Thanks a lot I appreciate your comment.
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    "lol so true"

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    The question is not "how"

    The question is "why the fuck wouldnt you let a 5yro be a child"
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    How to give the child a pillow to sit on is the real question here
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    reminds me of that one time i managed to get a nonverbal tech savant to use his pictograph communication software thing by implementing logic into it (added buttons for "if", "then", "do", "else", "while", "for", etc.) and he basically would write if/else blocks or for/while loops to tell someone how to do something. (He constantly got frustrated since he couldn't tell people how to do stuff which was pretty much his only issue)

    He was like 8 at the time.

    He's now 13. He uses Assembly.
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    @possum I would get large lego sets usually on my birthdays, and I'd challenge myself to build them without looking at the instruction manual xD which would usually end up in a disaster haha
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