My co-worker X and I worked late nights for a project every single day including weekends, and our fucking senior manager invites X to his party and not me. Seriously.. does he even know I'm in the same fucking team?.

I mean yeah X did a great job working hard and shit.. but so did I.

I really hate my manager.

Fuck Him..

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    Fuck him.

    (I'm sorry but rant and tag weren't enough.)
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    So fuck your co-worker too. He should have got you an invite or told your boss to go fuck himself!
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    PR is just as important as good work, if not more sometimes. Hard work that goes unnoticed is not rewared.
    Next time, make sure to tell your boss what *you* did for the team.
    (Yes, it's a shitty and miserable system, but that's human nature for you)

    Or maybe he just likes him more as a person
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    party as in office party or party as in party, party? If the latter is the case, have you subtlety introduced yourself as someone who likes to party without risking getting fired if it turns out to not be that sorta party and he really is just being an asshole?

    Or to put it slightly less confusingly... party's are like onions. They have layers that are best sliced through cautiously lest someone wind up crying 💁🏻‍♂️
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    @endor he saw me and my co-worker working together every night in the office. It's not that he doesn't know.
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    "Party's are like Onions" - M1sf3t
    That's a good quote to remember 😄
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