Server side scripting using python

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    Starting to wonder why you have - doots witha lack of content 🤔

    Also, isn't this just every python script 🤷‍♂️
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    Switch snek
    It probably finds the switch perfect to hang out on because it radiates heat
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    Holy fuck
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    @C0D4 ya, and if you look at his only other rant someone mentions it there as well saying “first post, new account, 1 rant, and -4 doots. Yeeep”

    Is this a fake account? A bot?
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    @MrCush I don’t even know why he got downvoted
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    @C0D4@MrCush dunno why, i'm new here,maybe they hated me
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    You did not attend the weekly sacrifice of nooblets 🤷‍♂️

    Welcome to devRant, you will be added to the pool of tributes for next weeks event.
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    @pevensey lol no worries. Don’t sound like a bot to me xD

    I’m new as well. Just signed up today
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    @M1sf3t we have tributes 😂
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    @C0D4 are we sure we these are not more jase accounts? One said they hated him, that sounds like a jase statement 🤔
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    @M1sf3t 🤔ok so we'll skip that guy. Other guy seems like a safe bet.
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    Looks like the eastern brown snake so it isn't a python. Even if it isn't a brown snake then it certainly isn't a python, the head shape is wrong.

    Barring that servers will attract snakes due to the warmth, darkness and relative concealment from predators.
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    @C0D4 yes the other one might do. He seems to have misspelled his name tho, shouldn't that C be a K 🤔
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