Alright dev's, I have pretty much given up on ChromeOS and Chromebooks, my Samsung Chromebook Plus is far from the rock solid stable and battery sipping champion it used to be, constantly crashing, sluggish, 4 hours of battery at most, terrible android performance and the list goes on (Plus fucking bullshit Pixel device exclusive features can fuck off)

I use my Macbook Pro more than ever but the lack of being able to install Linux is a massive blow, so I'm looking for some laptop recommendations and here are the criteria.

1. Don't want a tablet
2. Prefer a clamshell but will deal with a convertibal
3. Max price of $1000 AUD (~$4.25 USD)
4. If it has dedicated graphics, prefer AMD
5. Prefer windows to not be pre-installed but can deal with it if it is

Was previously looking at the XPS line but um... Base model 13 inch is ~$1600 AUD so nope .-.

Fire away people!

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    Okay, you do have some ass expensive XPSes in AU!

    Xps13 does not have a dedicated gpu, does it now? 15s do have something nvidia.

    This is the beefiest one I can find in dell.com. And it's way below $4k usd
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    @netikras Australia is a cunt to buy stuff in, everything is marked up anywhere from 30-100 percent..

    When I got my Chromebook it cost roughly ~300 and it cost me ~900 to get it into Australia
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    Maybe it came out a bit too long ago to still be competitive but the mi notebook pro is quite nice (look on AliExpress)
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    Not sure about the cost, but I am 100% recommending the Thinkpad t480.

    It is by far my favorite laptop. And yes, I'm running Linux.
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    @ewpratten I would look at them but I can't deal with the Lenovo keyboards, they are my least favourite keyboards and that is including the new MBP .-.
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