How often do you guys make mistakes? What was your last mistake?

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    Every second of my life.
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    @rutee07 if you are not being funny what do you think the right thing is? I mean how do you recover ?
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    @sandeepbalan I reflect on it, maybe vent here, and take the steps to learn from it.
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    As it says, You are consistently making mistakes. So how does this "learn from mistakes" actually work?
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    @sandeepbalan They are not the same mistakes all over again.
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    I am making mistakes every minute.
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    Every day. By waking up. Every time it is a mistake.
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    @rutee07 which makes this even more complex. Every seconds you make mistake and take another one to learn from it and at the same time you make another one. Its kind of a paradox i guess.
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    @rutee07 you're a perpetual mistake generator! 😱
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    I just wrecked my fallout game by messing with the files 🙃 salty cuz I have to re-download it on shitty dorm internet.

    In all seriousness though I make mistakes all the time. I try to not get too upset, I'm only human, and it teaches me something every time.
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    @irene Havent you noticed? You cant control yourself when to wake up so which means waking up is not a mistake i guess. Am i right?
    I mean you can set an alarm to wake up. You get the point i guess
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    @sandeepbalan nope. It's still a mistake.
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    @PrivateGER What was your last one?
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    @irene Are you kidding me? Its not i believe. If you chose to stay in bed , then it is a mistake if you have serious works to do in the morning.
    Every night i was like, "okay god, time to talk, Please dont wake me up in the next morning. Good night".. In the next morning booom!! i woke up and go to work.
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    @sandeepbalan An incredibly awkward response to a normal question.
    Caused a long awkward silence. Wanted to die.
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    yepp, always. And I always learn from them and no longer repeat 'em. The problem is that life offers limitless possibilities, limitless amounts of choices throughout the day. You can learn from your mistakes all you want, it's impossible to not make new ones in the future.

    To no longer make any mistakes one should be dead. Being paralysed won't work, becouse of situations "fuck I want to fart, but that cute nurse is in the room. But I want it so bad.. should I do it? Maybe just a tiny, a silent one. Here it goes..." - ~FARRRRRT~ - "shit... And I totally forgot about the smell! Oh fuck, she's looking at me!! I shouldn't have done that, that was a mistake.."
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    It is a bit hard to tell, because you may not notice it is a mistake at the time.

    So you can only look back and try to count the number of things you think was mistakes.

    Often though you do the best you can with the information you have at the time.

    But perhaps I should ask you to quantify your question, what kind of mistakes are we talking about ?

    I think the last mistake I made was underestimating the rental market price increase amount, as I thought it would continue its historical 5% rise a year, instead of suddenly leaping to 30% every year for 10 years..

    This was due to my lack of knowledge of population growth figures. (Which are surprisingly difficult to find out..)

    Answer = ask people who work in the sewage industry, as they can tell from what comes out the other end, how many people live in an area at any one time, and from those figures, you can chart the population increase level.
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    1. Yes.
    2. Going on devRant instead of continuing my evening routine. Lost 30 minutes of sleep. Goodnight.
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    We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.
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    @electrineer Hey! You guessed the nickname my parents gave me. You're a genius, man. 😂
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    @rutee07 you too?
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    @M1sf3t Twinsies!!!
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    Every day! Silly ones. More on the days I either had a fight with my partner or loved ones.

    Sometimes i do wonder if the act of programming is just writing "known bugs".
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    @electrineer "Happy little accidents" .right?. Chernobyl just flashed through my head .
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    @PrivateGER Its allright. Nothing is awkward. Being naive is not punishable. Being wise neither appreciable. Just the properties of matter.
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    @netikras Thats not a mistake. Thats what courage does. Be brave and fart your ass off.
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    I watched the series of that the other day, quite good, and nicely explained why the incident happened.

    Related link:


    I thought it captured well the dark foreboding atmosphere of Russia at the time.

    And reminded me of how some countries have adapted that kind of style these days in the name of progress..

    I must be silent now, or be sent to Siberia..

    Though, if you are already there, where do they send you then..
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    @Nanos How can you so sure the miniseries saying the truths? I mean histories are always manipulative.Intentionally or othewise
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    From what I've read over the years it seems accurate on the design issue with the reactor, and the lack of knowledge of the operators on the finer points of how reactors function.

    A not uncommon problem these days, where finding the truth about a product and its flaws can be quite difficult !
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    Yes it can be very difficult to find the true history of events.

    Not all of us are blessed to have access to classified material at times. :-)

    And even that, has at times been tampered with..

    Ideally I like to speak to people who was there at the time of such events, to gain a more accurate storyline.

    Though, you may need lots of people to get a grand picture of things, as sometimes folk can live in their own little bubble and see the world one way, not the way it actually is..

    Eg. No that wasn't a civil war, that was just riots to steal mobile phones !

    So, which was it..

    Failed coup, or just some crims out for a free TV..

    And who is pulling the strings..

    Even today, it can be hard to find out answers to such questions as, who did finance WWII and why..

    And just where is that secret local submarine base..

    Was that really a pair of UFO's travelling 8,000mph caught on RADAR in the 1950's..
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    I enjoy speaking to people from history, or at least, their secretaries, failed coup leaders, retired drug lords, rebels, underground groups/etc.

    All helps to fill in the gaps of what is really happening in the world.

    The world is a strange place, and difficult to even find out what is happening today, let alone yesterday.

    As such, I'm a fan of industrial archaeology, as we can forget so much, so quickly.

    Lost technology, lost skills.

    Lost ideas..
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    It’s only a mistake if you don’t learn from it, otherwise it’s part of your education.

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