There's something super broken about the interview process in our industry. I spent 30 minutes chatting with a hr recruiter. 2 hours on a coding screen. 1 hour for a technical interview. 1 hour talking with the head of engineering. But then they decided to pass on me. Well if things went well then, then I spend an entire fucking day on an onsite.

Wow. Since when did the industry get so bloated until we have to do so much to get a job? Is signal really that unclear so candidates have to jump through hoop after hoop?


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    Yeap. The successful companies need a really tight filter to make sure they get the best engineers while also maintaining their culture.

    If it's any consolation, they're not working to get the best candidates, they're working to make sure they don't let the bad ones in. So you might just have been a false negative, happens, try again after a while
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    @Froot at the same time, this very industry complains about dev shortage - that they're causing themselves with a process that has a high rate of false negatives.

    Also, they usually don't even LOOK at private portfolio projects even if they are job relevant. Because that would take too much effort, somehow. But there's no time shortage for a baroque style employment process.
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    @Froot Thanks for the encouraging words. I'll keep at it. The reason I got triggered today was because it was a company I really liked. Despite spending a ton of time with them, the best they could do was copy pasta a rejection letter. I mean, give me something better than that. Something that I can work with. At least some companies like Google call you up and mention something you could have done better. Whatever. Their loss.
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    @byshiny when I got rejected from Amazon they did call me but gave no feedback, said it's their policy to not give any. Then they sent me a mail asking for feedback about the interview process lol 🤣
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    @Froot was you policy also not to give any feedback? :)
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