I still don’t understand git completely ,sometimes the error messages are so hard to understand I just make a new repository and push all my new updates there using GitHub desktop.

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    I do that as well.
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    Error messages?
    Other then having a corrupt .git/ I can't say I've had much issue overall.
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    I was intimidated at first too but realized I just kept using the same commands over and over again. My previous company used SVN and a UI for that. I had experience with git but it was a long time ago, like 2014, for my personal projects so I had forgotten most of it. I have a great memory.

    These days, I just use the following on repeat and never had problems:

    git clone <URL>
    git checkout -b <name> origin/<branch name>
    git pull origin <branch name>
    git add <file>
    git commit -m "shit" -m "description of my shit"
    git push origin <branch name>

    git branch
    git status
    git log

    As long as you pull before you try to push anything, you won't get problems. That's based on my noob experience though, others may have a different experience.
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    @rutee07 You forgot merge and stash / stash apply but yea that's basically my typical list.
    Reflog is things go seriously wrong and reset HEAD when it's been a bad day.
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    @C0D4 Ah, yes, reset HEAD. I had to use it once and it was.. not a good day.
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    git kraken is a easy to use git gui
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    @heyheni will check this out
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    @rutee07 sure, when you don't know how to deal with that, giving head is always an option. ^^
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    @Fast-Nop Blowjobs and decapitation can make a bad day go away. 🍎
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