Mid-Friday: Boss: Start programming this application.
Me: Cool, how will it be setup? what lang-
Boss: Everything's already setup, just start programming in PHP. Check in and make sure it's done by Wednesday morning before 9.
Me: Cool, it's done. Had some trouble with connecting our database to the clients, some permissions were conflicting.
Boss: Now I need you to pull it, publish it to our other azure portal, change it to ASP.NET Core 2.1 MVC and install it to teams. Also change the database to MySQL.
Me: I thought everything was already setup.
Boss: things change.
Me: Cool.
*Pulls an all nighter*
Me: Something isn't right...
Me*hasn't slept yet*: It's done.
Boss: Why do you look so tired?
Me: I was working last night
Boss: Well you shouldn't do that.
Me: The deadline is today. only way it was going to get done before 9 was to do it last night.
Boss: Doesn't matter.
9am Meeting:
Boss: it was easy, no hassle, it's up and running.
Me: no hassle?

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    Great job,congratz!
    Don't mind the presentation in the meeting, it's purpose isn't to present things realistically, it's advertisement.
    And listen to your boss, learn to deal with unrealistic deadlines in a way that won't lead to you burning out. Luckly, there are great advices and rants here on that topic.
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    Deadlines are not "I'll kill you if you don't deliver"
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    I would always state beforehand that this would require an all nighter to meet the deadline and that the changes are not "simple" or "easy"
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    @C0D4 I know I just feel like I've failed myself if I don't meet it.
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    @C0D4 unless you're working at boeing...

    EDIT: Or North Korea...
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    @theKarlisK 99.9% of the time ok 😂
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    Yes no hassle, things change. See it's all setup now...

    And no hassle at all when you have a well trained IT slave
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    Make sure you invoice for overtime.
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