Regional flight Sweden: "Passengers are not allowed to have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in their checked in luggage. If so, please inform the cabin crew"

Should one laugh or fear?

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    "I have one"
    *gets tackled*
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    It cracked me up when they came on the intercom and told everyone to turn them off. Still scared me that they allowed them at all though
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    I don't think it is so much that they are dangerous as they are expensive to the airlines should they burst into flames. Such an incident would probably force an aircraft to land wherever they are.
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    Nor you are allowed with Austrian Airlines.
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    If you have one in your checked luggage and you inform the cabin crew at the point when they're doing announcements, finding it will delay the flight and you'll really be flavour of the month.
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    Should laugh AND fear if we are being completely honest.
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