Opinions on the current gen iPad mini/air (apart from "reeeee Apple")? iPad 4 was a brilliant device, loved it, looking for a similar thing. Can't find any decent Android tablet and honestly, not sure if I want Android at all.

I basically want a companion device with superb battery life, a larger screen than my phone, and good and useful apps (used Garageband, Magellan, and Voice Synth quite a bit on the old iPad). Will be going to college in a few months so something useful for carrying around too that's more portable than my laptop.

Considered a Celeron laptop, but it's basically useless for anything but text editing and basic browsing.

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    Reeee apple

    But you're correct. Most Android tablets are dog shit which really blows, but at the same time, I don't really care for tablets anymore.
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    I like my Samsung Tab A; it does exactly what I want... it plays Pandora and connects to my Harman Kardon Onyx 4, and fills my room with music. That and the Kindle app. Can't think of much anything else. Reading and listening to music. My Apple (REEEEE) iPhone X does the rest.
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    @iAmNaN I liked to do some casual gaming on my iPad mini when I had it. I also used it to watch YouTube or WatchESPN instead of my phone (had a Moto G phone at the time, so the screen was pretty shit compared to the iPad screen).

    I tried to read on it, but I just can't stand reading books off a tablet. I prefer hard copies
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    @Stuxnet I like real books as well, but I think it's really awesome that I can listen to the book and read it at the same time. It brings a new dimension to understanding what one is reading. Mind you, I'm listening to Debussy or Chopin while I'm doing this, because Disturbed is too distracting.
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    @RememberMe you got telegram??
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    @AleCx04 yup, I'm on Telegram
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    the future of devices will probably be better hardware combine with custom app loadouts for specific uses.

    I'd bet money on it.
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    @Wisecrack you mean... exactly the stuff we have right now?
    "Custom app load outs" sounds exactly like ye olde OS with an appstore to get apps I want
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    Don't think phone+appstore

    Think "music work station", "video editing platform", "business management / pos hub", "security hub", etc.

    We're seeing it already in the movement toward slicker point-of-sale hardware e.x. square, but if the present and past are any indicator of the future, then the walled gardens will all shrink to islands each tailored for every sort of consumer.

    The problem with the current walled gardens is massive competition and massive visibility issues. It's becoming a reputation issue. Nothing marketing (that removes choices, and locks down hardware) can't fix!
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