This is a friend's story:

So I've been trying to upload a free sticker pack for iMessage to AppStore for a while now. Why "trying"? because it keeps getting declined for the silliest reasons. It's nothing complex: just a bunch of our company's stickers about dev life. "Stickers for devs, from devs."

The first time Apple has declined the app because of the overall design, the second time it was because we used iMessage in the title. But this time it makes no sense at all. This is the message I got from Apple:

"Your app contains references to test, trial, demo, beta, pre-release or other incomplete content.
Specifically, some of your app’s stickers have “beta” references."

Huh? Check out the pic - one of our dev-related stickers says "still in beta". I guess Apple took that way too literally. Good thing they didn't tell me my app was too buggy because it has a sticker of a bug which says "it's not a bug, it's a feature"...

On second thought, what if AppStore is a modern-day Genie? Maybe I should add a sticker that says "Apple owns me $20 million in stock"? Or just one that says "Apple approves this sticker pack".

#Thisneverhappens_on_googleplay #appstore_make_a_wish #rookout

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    Fuck them
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    Shouldn't have released to appstore in the first place
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    Btw these are also physical stickers and they're totally awesome.
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    I'm the friend from the story :)

    Any tips on what to do next will be welcome..

    Will my sticker app ever be approved??
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    @Arieh where can I get them?
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    Apple is sometimes acting like a bot... just write an answer to their message:
    This is probably a misunderstanding. The sticker is not in beta state. The message of the sticker is to tell other people that something is in beta.
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    If you use Android, you can get them on Google here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/...

    We'll try and get them to AppStore soon too... Although I'm kinda losing hope here...
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