Everything works great on Ubuntu!
Hell yeah let's install it everywhere.

3rd hard drive dead in 6 months.

But I blame the brand, TeamGroup, or the batch was bad ( all 3 of them were bought at the same day from the same shop)

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    If its about ssds, did you check if noatime is turned on ?
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    @metamourge yeah it's about SSDs. I didn't change anything after the default installation of Ubuntu , so I guess it's on
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    @metamourge I've also read somewhere that EXT4 isn't that friendly on ssds, and that i should use f2fs
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    Why/how did they die? Have you checked SMART?
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    @gronostaj well, the first one just stopped booting and it wasn't even recognized by the bios.
    The second one was getting slower and slower until one day I checked it and I found a lot of dead sectors. Each day I was scanning it more and more sectors where dead and the system now started to randomly hang

    The third one would randomly kernel panic.
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    I use EXT4 on my laptops ssd for over a year and it works great.
    Check in your /etc/fstab if the partitions on your ssd have the mount-option noatime, and if not, add it.
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    I can second @metamourge
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    Do they return total bytes written in SMART? If it's unreasonably high for their lifetime, it's a misconfigured OS or you're writing to them very heavily, more heavily than they can endure. If it's reasonably low, you had a bad batch.
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    @gronostaj I guess their controller died, since I couldn't boot the systems after the disks failed. So I couldn't get the smart data you are talking about.
    I've also returned them back.
    Our workflow includes docker and phpstorm, are those 2 known for being write heavy?
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    @spyridonas Not *that* heavy, modern SSD should work for years under such usage. SSDs failing from wear become partially read-only if I'm not mistaken, they shouldn't have their controllers suddenly failing. Try to update firmware on ones that are still alive, maybe it's buggy (and read their SMART!)
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    @gronostaj I've returned them back and got new ones (Samsung)
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    @spyridonas What was the previous brand? I'll keep in mind to avoid them
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    @gronostaj TeamGroup L5 where the specific ssd's
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    Probably killed it with a swap partition on something.
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    What's with the "group group" naming scheme anyway?

    TeamTeams (Some faux-MLM thing. really.)
    PublicUs (WeWe!)

    I forget the others.
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