Okay. Why do y'all even have a LinkedIn profile (if you have one), and why haven't you deleted/deactivated/whatever yet?

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    Cause its easy to get a job thru there?
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    Why? Why need to delete?
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    @tekashi is it? I mean, is a place infested by middlemen between employer and worker really a *good* place for getting hired?
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    But all of the job boards are infested with middlemen too (aka recruitment agencies), it's the nature of the beast, especially if you are a contractor
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    b/c I don't do FB and it seems like an easy way to maintain connections and have a public profile without having to share too many personal details
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    @nibor Well, I don't speak for job boards either ;)
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    @kescherRant I mean unless you happen to have an in at a company you're going to have to use a platform at some point. I've never gotten a job by applying to a company directly. In fact, my first dev job was for an advertising agency. I applied through their website twice and never got a callback.

    I applied to a job at the same agency through LinkedIn and was hired the next day.

    LinkedIn has a ton of problems just like every other job outlet. But usually you have to put up with it, and I have less problems with bs recruiters through LinkedIn them most job boards. Being able to weed out nonsense from real inquries is sadly a skill most devs have to pick up.
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    Easy pool for recruiters. I'm the 🍯
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    I have the best, best paying job of my life, and I would never have found out about it, let alone gotten it, if not for Linkedin. I honestly don't understand the rage people have about it. It seems like it's nothing more than just fashionable to dislike it.
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    I created one about 10 years ago just like I created github, facebook, twitter, gitlab and so on 100s of other accounts on various services.

    Mostly cause I needed some restricted information from it, contact with particular person, get a job, watch video or keep in touch with some people who I don’t work anymore.

    I don’t use them everyday, those are just tools like email, telephone, hammer or knife.
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    Apart from job postings, I like LinkedIn as a professional social network. The feeds are good. You just have to follow the right people and right organizations
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    @all: I understand the need for a platform for jobs and stuff now, yeah. I still have my doubts *about LinkedIn specifically*. For instance, they have previously failed to keep their database safe (having it leaked completely), probably didn't use a hashing algorithm good enough for passwords (as a lot of passwords were reversed from the hashes back then), and they also have this nice little scandal of having collected 18 million email addresses of non-users for targeted ads...
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    @kescherRant use keepass, keychain, 1password or whatever you like and don’t type same passwords for everything.
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    Good question
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    @kescherRant okay there's a couple problems here. First, any and all hash algorithms can be broken, it's a matter of resources. So without knowing what they were using this is a hard thing to argue with or against.

    Secondly, do you use GitHub? Gitlab? Google cloud? Firebase? DO? (Insert payment provider here)? Or many of the job boards like monster, indeed, dice, etc? Because they've all had breaches. Some worst than LinkedIn, some less.

    I'm not saying we should ignore these issues, but you have to judge the vitcimized companies response and the potential loss you could endure. As for the non-user emails, Google (and a whole lot of other providers) do similar or worse things. While I advocate for change and holding them responsible, it's impractical to stop using these services out right. Especially in my professional life.

    I can drop FB because it cost me nothing and I'm better off without. But I can't make this same statement about LinkedIn.
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    @ChaoticGoods Fair points, although as for the email addresses, I have a reason for slowly phasing out Google out of my daily life and blocking it altogether.
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    Because you need an account to look at others profiles.
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