Why can't Eclipse save non-project-specific customisations somewhere centrally? Why do I have to customise my editor fonts, colours and hotkeys again every time I open up a new work space? Why would they think I could want different editor fonts, colours and hotkeys on every different project I work on?
I so hate Eclipse!
I so hate IDEs!

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    Because you're using Eclipse in 2019 🤷‍♂️

    Without being a smartass - there is usually an alternative to eclipse, even if it's a slightly longer / complicated workflow.
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    @C0D4 It's not my choice. My company bought an Eclipse plugin for automatic code generation. It doesn't run anywhere else :(
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    @acz0903 🤔do you really need to use it?
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    A solution is to edit the preferences in one workspace and have the preferences file copied to every other workspace.
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