Client asked to change the shade of blue to a little lighter shade. Deleted the hex code and typed the same hex code again and showed it to him. Instantly approved.

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    Welcome to dev rant. and nice solution to the problem!
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    Maybe not his fault. Was your editor, which I presume he was looking at while you made the change, dark themed?
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    Ill try that
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    @magicMirror thanks for the welcome
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    @ronakkaria or probably the client wanted to feel a part of the project by just instructing me to change a colour.
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    Client thinking "Ohh, poor thing, doesn't know how to change colors. Must say nothing to not embarrass him."
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    Every time.
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    When I use to do frontend for an agency I loved doing this. They would send me a message to make something lighter or darker, I would wait 15-20min and send them the same link back and ask if it looks better.

    It always looked better. :)
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