So this backend developer boasted.
"All the controls are in my hands.. you frontend developers are just the puppets of our API's".

Next day i did this:

If (email === '****') {
profilePicture = 'dick.jpg';

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    if (email === '****' && currentUserName !== '****') {
    profilePicture = 'dick.jpg';

    To make the humiliation worse
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    I bet there will be revenge
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    Well played
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    📌 much.

    Out Earth is but a theatre.
    And I love it.
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    Well, he's not wrong. Your goal should be to make your front end application as 'dumb' as possible. Make API calls, present data to user. If that data is wrong or leads to a bad experience, you get to point at the puppet master and shrug your shoulders.

    Until your complexity grows and you have to factor in SEO, Data Analytics/Tag Management and, especially, handling experiences that require API orchestration.
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