Does anyone else get irrationally annoyed when a team member says "Hi" via slack/messenger etc. and then nothing else until you say "Hi" back, and only then describes what they want?

Dahhhhhh. Stop wasting my time. Just ask what you want.

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    It's somewhat kind/good manner to greet each other, but in todays fast paced world it's indeed annoying.
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    @C0D4 Hi! How are you doing?
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    @heyheni I've no problem with the greeting and query in the same message. "Hey, hope all is well! I was wondering if you could have a look at... etc" I have no problem with.

    It's just the "Hi", then silence until I say "Hi" back, then 5 minute delay while the *actual* query is typed out is bloody annoying. Completely steals my focus.

    But then again, I've been called an irrational git many times (and worse), so perhaps it's just me ;)
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    @Jilano I'm pretty good.
    Just chillin 😎.

    So, I have this issue with some shitty api, and like, I dont get it, this dev behind it must have been like high as a kite after a night with rutee, Damn thing throws 500's but it also responds with success:true
    Like wtf!

    Oh yea... I hate those slack guys too that OP was talking about 😂
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    @AlmondSauce this is gold, Exactly 5 min.

    Sorry had to do it couldn't resist the urge.
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    @C0D4 Screw you :P

    Also, well played ;)
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    It's almost as annoying as some posting "hi, is there anyone who could help me?" in a specialized forum or a fb group
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    @netikras Well, it *is* just someone saying hi, after all. I don't feel like I should get as annoyed as I do. It's just one of life's bugbears.
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    @AlmondSauce but you both know it's not just a hi and you both know that tgere will be a question/complaint after all. Which is why the whole conversation began.

    So why not cut the chase and go straight to the meat?

    I don't think it's irrational
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    Yes, this happens. I think it's cultural. It's intended to be polite vs. forward or direct. So I get it. But it's annoying because once it starts I can't answer the person's question, because I don't have it yet, but I also can't go back to what I'm doing, because I know that the next pieces of the message are coming in.

    9:07 Hi
    9:09 Can I ask you a question
    9:11 I was trying to get XYZ to work
    9:13 .....the actual question.

    I can set this as a status message in Teams, but not in Skype.

    If you have a question it's not necessary to say Hi, wait for me to respond, ask if you can ask me a question, wait for me to respond, and then ask me the question. If you need to insert lines in your message, you can use SHIFT-ENTER so the message isn't sent before it's done.

    Side rant - I hate when messages within one organization come at me from three or more different apps.
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    I think this is more of a check if you are available to talk. otherwise you are sending a question and not sure whenever you get answer and when. Better to say hi and if the person responds ask the long question. I that persons asking you sitting in the same room.. than he is wrong.. just ask..
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    @netikras I'll gladly take that as a good thing for my rationality then ;)
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    @0x0000FFFF Again, I've no problem with "Hi, are you free for a 5 minute chat at some point?", or heck, just ask the question and then I'll respond in an hour or two if I'm busy right now. It's just the "Hi" and nothing else part that's pointless.
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    I joined a slack group recently for new programmers and posted a semi long post about working in projects with other members. Every day I check it it’s people just saying “Hi” and nothing else. Only a couple people post actual stuff and it drives me nuts. Like if you want to develop and learn and work with others, Hi isn’t going to cut it.
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    @vane so I have a question, can I ask it here? ROFL
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    @vane kidding but that’s the theme so just rolling with it.
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    Hi is like a TCP SYN
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    Don’t ask to ask
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    Cut the crap, just blurt out what you want/need and be done with it!!
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    Not sure how effective this is, but you could try putting http://nohello.com as your status...(?)
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    Im an admin on a 20k discord, and in charge of solving technical issues and other problems, along with backend coding and stuff. I constantly get msged by users:
    "Hi, I have a problem, help"
    Annoyed, after my other tasks, I respond "Hello, whats the problem".

    You fucking shithead, stop wasting my time and distracting me from my tasks. Just fucking state your problem immediately so I can quickly solve it instead of having to remember you and think about solving it later. And the best part is, you have to be nice once they respond.

    And then people wonder why admins dont respond or dont communicate with ppl.

    Best part is - we admins delegate tasks to mods, and users are instructed to msg mods first, but the moment you drop "invisible" status, you start being bombarded by screeching autistic fucks that cant solve their own problems and have to be held by the hand. MESSAGE MODS FIRST, YOU FUCKING VACUUM BRAIN.

    Not to mention, they message you while youre invisible as well.
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    There is something called "chat etiquette" or similar.

    It basically ways that chat is the new email and you should just go straight ti the point because it is an async communication method.

    Find it , spread it.
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    @heyheni what about "hi" then the question?
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