Again I am unemployed, and now in a worse situation than before. In a country far from family, parents and everyone I know, just me and my wife and in a very difficult situation.

Summing up what happened was as follows:

My previous boss had a very horrible habit of being rude to everyone, yelling at the developers in the middle of the office and being rude whenever he could. And when he saw that we did not lose his composure and showed no fear he used the tightening of salary and employment to threaten us and do unpaid overtime.

Then he decided to yell at me, I asked him not to do this in the middle of the office that is not polite and everything else, he resigned me.

Since last year it's very difficult to find a good job, I'm not even talking about salary, I'm talking about a good job even where I earn some money to live in the least in humility but at least work with legal and educated people.

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    It's always worth standing up for what's right. I wish you the best of luck.
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    @ihatecomputers thank you, I hope to get something soon otherwise I'm screwed because this company is soo bad they don't sponsor my wife visa so I spend a lot of money to sponsor her, unfortunately.

    And now I have some debts and I cannot leave the country without paying, we're very scared here because we can be deported without warning.
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    Sorry for you man. Where I work is almost the same (Forced overtime, lack of jobs in the market, and even shit laws that give all leverage to employers..)

    But if you don't mind, where do you live now? Expat to Expat
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    Damn dude. I can’t relate, so all I can say is good luck and wish you the best!
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    Given you're expat already, did you think about moving to another country where employment environment is not toxic?

    After paying debts here ofcourse.
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    Hang in there tight buddy! You will figure something out hopefully.

    Consider remote work, that may break the border restrictions and give you more opportunities.

    I wish the best of luck to you and your family.
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    @Coffe2Code I live in Dubai now.
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    Thank you all for lucky wishes. I'll let you know once I figure out.
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    @messhias I fucking knew it was somewhere in the gulf! Fuck them!
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    @Kyouma yes, it's pretty normal here this kinda stuff since you cannot stay in the country without working visa and to get one of those you need a company be your sponsor, so, the company can do anything otherwise they cancel your visa and sent you back to your home country within 30 days.
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    Come to mexico!

    Here are a lot of opportunities with good revenues. #NEVERGIVEUP
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    @danjaquels where I can find jobs in Mexico to apply?
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    @messhias it's easy. There are a lot of jobs at indeed.com or occ.com. Most of the offers require english so if you are native english speaker it would be so easy for you.
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    @danjaquels thank you, I didn't know about the occ.com. This is one is new for me.
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