Even a noble profession like doctor has been corrupted with greed..

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    @M1sf3t similar here. Especialy older generations, the ones that have seen the soviet union. It's sometimes even impossible to get any treatment until something slips into their pockets,.

    Can't say this about yongest generations tho. They seem decent. Things are changing to the better. We have to wait for those old tarts to go extinct now
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    @M1sf3t bfe: where we're addicted to narcotics or meth lol
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    I look at healthcare and I question the practitioners, and it makes me wonder who the actual beneficiary is. Doctors treat symptoms with treatments that cause other symptoms or illnesses; they rarely address the cause. From a business standpoint, this makes sense: doctors have repeat customers and therefore repeat income, and expand their customers into other services. From a moral perspective, this is absolutely horrible (though not surprising).

    I also question the official claims of safety on food additives (glyphosate, msg, tbhq, hfc, aspartame, hydrogenated *, ...), especially those which cause health issues in rats. Are the people who push for these additives being considered safe also profiting from healthcare? or being bribed? My guess is probably.
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    @norman70688 one country away? Depends on the direction.. If you're one country away to the east - you're in the other side of the globe 😁

    yeah, that's true. The higher levels are corrupt. Probably everywhere. Tho I can't blame them... At those levels there's hardlt any medicine left. Up there it's just business. High profits, low losses. Any side incomes are always welcome :)
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    @norman70688 It's better to do your own research and prevent health issues yourself.

    Which really amounts to just eating better. Can't pronounce something? Don't know what it is? Don't eat it. Make your own food (and grow it, if possible!). It's cheaper and significantly healthier. (I swear there are more autoimmune diseases now than at any other point in history. Like 1 in 7 people have one now?! I absolutely blame changes in diet.)

    Only use doctors and hospitals for emergencies, or things you cannot possibly do yourself.
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    @Root i agree with you, but i have two additions:
    in my eyes Autoimmune diseases arent only appereared because of diet changes, in my opinion the overuse of chemicals for desinfection has an huge part too. And many autoimmune diseases arent new, they were in the past just not identified as the class of diseases.
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    @stop True, it isn't as simple as my comment makes it sound. but I do blame diet for much of the increase, not just discovery.

    Instead of disinfectants, I assert it's antibiotics that cause the most harm / increased likelihood of contracting autoimmune diseases due to the significant harm they cause to your gut flora -- which directly affects your immune system.
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    It's good to see informed audience here.
    I hope people I meet in real life also eventually catch up.
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