Can someone (OS X user) recommend me a good IDE at the moment i use CodeRunner but it crash every hour at least 3 times.
I need it for Front-end dev., Python, C, C++, PhP, R,Swift..... so it should be handeling alot of Languages 😅

(If it's important i have a MacBook Air 2018 full specs)

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    For free probably best is Visual Studio Code.
    I haven’t used it cause I have IntelliJ but people who I spoke with liked it.
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    I use the JetBrains produts
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    VS Code, the extensibility is awesome.
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    One more for vscode. Don't use a bloated IDE, use an editor and make it _your_ bloated IDE.
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    Vscode and make use of workspaces and extensions specific to your needs.
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    Of course the first answer is vim XD
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    Jetbrains is really good on the IDE front. As a text editor I use VS Code (MB Pro 2014 13")
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    +1 for VSCode, it appears to have been made by the Microsoft employees that saw VS for what it was - a steaming pile of legacy shit, so they decided to do something about it.

    VSCode is extremely well designed and extensible, don't let the fact that Microsoft developers made it put you off. It is open source after all
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    ide: jetbrains products or Netbeans if you don't want to pay/are not a student/don't want to search for 5mins a licence server online.
    Editor: I really tried vscode, doesn't fit me at all, still recommend Sublime
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    Another advocate for Jetbrains here.
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    Sublime text for anything that requires to write text, coding or not 😂 lacks some debugging parts but for me is the best to code in multiple languages
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