How difficult is it to decide for your own future?
It's a month that I'm in total panic 'cause of a difficult choice I have to make about my job.
I really need some external opinions and points of view from other developers, maybe more experienced than me (I'm a medium-junior JS developer).

The situation is as follows:

1) I work as a Frontend Web Developer for a wonderful enterprise-like company with 100+ employees, where the individual rights are fully respected, there are no whatsoever pressures and there is a peaceful paradise-like atmosphere most of the days. I also love my teammates, which is something rare because I often dislike other humans.
2) I received a proposal from a Fintech startup, which required me a long time to complete a complex programming test they gave me. They look all very young, modern, fast and passioned about their job. But they are only living with bank's investments and are not producing any money at the moment. Also, I don't know if Fintech will be a successful field in the future.
3) I received another proposal, from a Healthtec startup this time, which has a lovely mission in the medical field, has received millions of investments, it's gaining some KK net each month but has a team of only 2 developers (3 with me if I accept). I know one of the developers and I remember he had issues of not getting paid months ago.

What's the problem with the first company? I totally dislike the product we are building, the development stack (fully Microsoft-based), the company's view (they still sell and think about software like in the 90's) and how the repository is managed. Everyday there are huge problems that end up blocking the frontend work and the final product is super ugly and works only if you know all the quirks behind it.
It's an old-fashioned desktop app with inside Chromium which should execute some components like graphs, tables, forms and shit like this. Every component is configurable through a property editor which is an utter giant mess of collapsed menus. I also suspect that the company's main business model is based on the difficulty to use this software (because they sell licenses and courses to use it).
There are no modern UX/UI concepts applied at all, nor they seem to care about it.
Each time I propose something there is a huge chain of approval-waiting that end up in a stale mate.
Also, it's useless to show my frustration about all these issues because I count very little in a so populated office.

TLDR: I need to choice if staying in a Enterprise Microsoft-based and old-fashioned company, but in which the atmosphere is paradisiac or accept the risk to work for a Fintech or a Healthtec startup.

What would you do if you were in my situation? What's for you the most stable field in the future?
Many thanks for the attention!

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    Neither. Because Start-ups screw you over.
    And at your current place you stagnate.
    Keep looking.
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    @heyheni that's endeed a good point. So should I look for a normal company, not too much startup-like and not too traditional?
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    @reactiveBasil si! But you got other options too?

    A) You live in Italy where around 40% of young well educated people don't find a job.
    So finding a job in Italy is hard right?
    Could you consider going abroad for a year for gathering expierience? Berlin, Frankfurt Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris, Dubai?

    B) How does your current employer handle education? You could start going to higher education while beeing employed there? (Istruzione e Formazione Tecnica Superiore) Nothing stops you from searching other jobs while studing.

    C) Stay employed while building your own freelance business?
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    A) Yes this is true. But luckily there are many jobs regarding my field and I'm not worried about it. Actually I'm already at my 4th job experience (always in Italy) and I don't know if it could make sense to go abroad for just 1 year. I'm not much into a nomadic lifestyle, so to speak. Also, I love my country in many aspects.

    B) There is not education in my company. All the time spent learning something is about that fucking boring and over-complicated product. -.-
    Never heard about IFTS before, I will search informations about it.

    C) That's a very cool idea which I've always thought about but I don't know where to start. I've a website/portfolio and a rich Linkedin profile but no one has ever contacted me from there for freelance works.
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    @reactiveBasil There is a Network called ImpactHub all around the World. It's a Incubator and Coworking Space where Start-ups and Freelancer come together. Depending where you live you could have one near you. There you could meet other freelancer and ask or hire one for helping you setting up your business.

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    @heyheni Sir.. Your are great!! Thank you very much about this information, I didn't know about it. There is one right in my city :) I love their approach, I must try to see what this would bring to my life.
    Thanks again!
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