Frustrated... had a signed job offer disappear right before start date after jumping through a ton of hoops, turning down a competing offer, and wasting 3 days of PTO on their process, so back to interviews again.

How do you all determine what salary to ask/look for? Current job has pretty concrete pay bands that I'm pretty sure aren't market, but most of the site (glassdoor, etc) are all OVER the place, as titles can get so fuzzy from one place to another. From people I know I've heard everything from 20k less than I make to 70k more than I make (moderately high COL area, but not CA level). Levels.io seemed promising, but the one FANG offer I had didn't nearly match up with there, so I'm not sure how much of that is bluster or whatever... Blegh. I absolutely hate job hunting.

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    Salaries would vary from company to company. You should get an idea of what an average pay is for your level and what you’d be happy with, then ask for a bit more.

    My approach is that I always try to increase my pay when switching jobs. The best time to negotiate salary is at interview process because once hired it is very unlikely you’ll get your salary reviewed soon.

    It really depends on the company, you level, negotiating skills and how well you can sell it to a potential employer.
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    >"You should get an idea of what an average pay is for your level "

    That right there is the tricky part, and where I get the horrendously largely spread quotes.
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    I'm sorry the prospective employer reneged on your. But to quote other people here, would you want to work for a company that offers then rescinds job offers?
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    @bols59 I wouldn't... except I want to work for the current one less.. and thinking it had an end date was helping me get by without going insane. It's just extra extra draining to start looking again after that, and I lost a lot of momentum in the search. I'm just so very tired of this place. So tired.
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    @BluePanda a safe bet would be not to go below 30% of current salary.
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    @thevariableman Oh Ick. I'm pretty sure I'm already underpaid. I think the safe floor can be at least where I am now.

    I feel like I should be / can ask for about $30k more... at least 25k more, but then someone will shake my confidence in that.
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