How does normies feel when cpanel has changed the license model?

Stop using it please

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    @irene managed web hosting panel for html, php, mysql + email
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    Ew, * walks away in ssh *
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    They did?
    i do use it with a VPS (it comes with it so 🤷‍♂️)
    Managing a server with a console is always nicer.
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    It's pretty easy. Either there is another product that is as good, but cheaper, or it is simply worth its price.
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    An open source project with the name Sentora has been running for quite a time. Hopefully someday we'll have a free alternative with equivalent features or better maybe.
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    @fahad3267 hard question: where would the money come from?
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    @Linux btw, what else do you suggest? Just don't come up with genius ideas like SSH and terminal.

    The whole reason why something like cPanel exists is that customers just don't want that and would abandon any hoster who would try to force that upon them. The sysadmin would be happy only until he receives his pink slip because his employer went bankrupt.
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    cpanel or similar does not give anyone control over the server - only the panel has control over it.
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    @Linux Yeah, that is the point of a control panel. And people use it because they don't want to SSH into a server and configure CLI stuff.

    Here's a translation: any time you start a sentence with "open the terminal", the customer translation is "sorry, we don't offer that feature".

    It's the fucking JOB of the sysadmins at the hoster to make shit accessible to average customers. That's what the customers pay them money for. Don't want to provide that service? Fine, then the customer spends his money elsewhere, it's that easy.

    Why is it that IT folks have such a hard time understanding the concept of a work share society when they are on the delivering end?
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