I was on the airport and wanted to buy a millefeuilles to eat, those bustards buy the single piece fir almost $2.5 (few meters outside the airport it's just less that $0.5).
Let's do the math: the dimensions of one piece is almost 10x5 cm, which means a surface of 50 cm² (0.005 m²).
So a m² of millefeuilles costs $500, what the shit, a m² awful millefeuilles is more expensive than m² of land in a respectable area.

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    It's an airport, what did you expect? They're exploiting that you're stuck in there and can't leave for extended periods of time in which you will get hungry and/or thirsty and won't have access to anything more reasonably priced 😂 still it sucks. I get just as outraged by the prices every time I travel.
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    where do you get this cheap pasteries? 😲
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    @heyheni also, how do you trust a $0.5 millefeuille ? 🙃
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    @Commodore well maybe its a little more that .5$, but here millefeuilles and croissants are everywhere so it's ok to be not that expensive
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    here in switzerland at a cheap place i would pay $5.40 and at the airport probably something around $7.80-8.50 a piece.
    That would be 17 pieces in your place 😄
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    Yesterday I was on top of World Trade Center. Soda costs $10. 1 liter of bottled water cost $6... And well there was a water fountain....
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    A lot more work went into that thingy than in a m^2 of land.
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    (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻
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    @Mosesrocks and capitalism

    wait, capitalism cancels out love... hmm.
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    @Parzi Sooo it's made with nothingness? Are those millefeuilles ethereal? 🤔
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