FML, the day I dreaded has come!
We got a client that is from our country.. meaning they speak what I speak, but I do not type what they read..
I hate writing emails in my native language and with proper grammar.. I haven't done that since I finished with high school and they're full of typos.. Even after spellcheck and grammar check and everything it's faaaaar worse than my English.. fuzck!

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    Hahah yeah, I'm in a similar position. It's kind a even worse for me, I mostly do talking.
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    mail him a voice message 😋
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    Yep, same thing here. Just feels weird writing official email in native language.
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    Holy shit, what's going on around you? My native language is the only one I am able to perfectly speak and write. My English, though not bad, is much worse compared to my mother tongue.
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    We do all our written correspondence in English, even with our customers down the hall.

    I fear I'll unlearn my native language some day, I sometimes already have to google translations English-German 😅
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    @gathurian sometimes when I talk only the english words come to my mind 😅
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    @Kage Hhaha yeah um... No... Would have to redo it everytime because I lack native words even for everyday items... It's like my brain detects my location and turns off native support when I'm at work.. o.O
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    for me it's the opposite, I can write in my native language more professionally and more expressive than the average of people. but in the most of the cases I use English
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    @gathurian @mojo2012 that's why I have a dictionary app ^^
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    Similar situation here, too. Tons of communication in my native language lately. It's gotten so bad that I had to speak up about it that it interfered with my concentration for coding
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