Point out everyone else's bullshit. Some people will tell you you are mean or you lack soft skills or that they can no longer work with you and you should go to see a therapist, but oh well, you are an engineer not their mom. You are just being rational.

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    This definitely works in some cases, sure, but I have doubts as to how effective this is in general.

    Companies are human endeavours and humans in general don't take too kindly to being called out for not being perfectly rational. In my experience this actually lowers productivity. The same thing done a bit more...strategically works wonders.

    Also, I'm not sure if I'm properly rational all the time, being human I'm susceptible to pretty much the same kinds of biases and fallacies that everyone else is.
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    Depends on the scenario. If they aren't too sure and don't fully understand what they're doing, it may be better to educate them rather than calling them a liar in front of everyone. If you belittle others for something they don't fully understand, they'll be more likely to make mistakes and less likely to own up when they do - making everyone else's life difficult in the process. It's also the professional way to do it, so it reflects better on you
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    @rutee07 or an Analyst-Therapist.
    Also called Analrapist, as Thomas Fünke in Arrested Development
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    I generally like calling a spade a spade. But if the day ever comes that the world, all at once, gives up all empathy, diplomacy and forbearance for the apparently infinite ways we humans can deceive and annoy ourselves and others...well, that day will be a mad day and I for one will probably leave the now absolutely intolerable planet, ‘rational’ or not.

    It’s easy to dedicate your life to mastering the application of logic and extend your abilities to reason, but then in the next breath convince yourself you can now apply the same skills flawlessly to the social and personal realms. At the end of the day narcissism is narcissism, whether its sheltered with intelligence or not...
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    That's a really really bad advice. If u got problems with some ppl, don't point out everthing in one particular meeting. (Except its a retrospective or sth)
    This is unproductive and a lot of ppl will be pissed off by your attitude.
    Try to get into conversation with the ppl that are causing problems and talk to your project lead.
    Don't waste everybody's time.
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