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    Well, enjoy?
    As long as you're on your private projects
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    @scor nay :) my employer is taking us all to work in a nice place for the rest of the week. Nature, water, [hopefully] sun, huge windows, nice rooms, free food,...
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    Our temp office!
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    Saaaaame. Only for me it's the usual office. The lunch is usually pretty good though. Hope you have fun and won't be too stressed out.
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    But you normally can't get drunk on workations so what's the point? :(
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    @12bitfloat why on earth would I want to get drunk?
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    @netikras Why wouldn't you?
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    - loss of coordination
    - cannot drive
    - inability to concentrate
    - loss of balance
    - sleepy and agitated
    - attention defficiency
    - headache in the morning
    - horrible smell from the mouth
    - loss of thought control
    - mind and body dissonance
    - loss of €€
    - dehydratation
    - diuresis
    - nausea

    sure, why wouldn't I want to...
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    @netikras You must be fun at parties
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    @12bitfloat I really have better ways to spend my time than partying :) I prefer using my time to do, to achieve something. Not to waste my time :)
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    @netikras I like to have fun sometimes 😉
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