Not sure whether that's a good thing or not...

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    This is one of the reason I switched to Arch.
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    @theothergod ditto my good sir.

    Got tired of debian based systems in general tbh.
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    @UltimaQ my good sir, i have heard from the debian people that pure debian is better than this and is much more stable and bug free.
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    It's because now you have any answer in your machine. Be careful, many would want to steal it from you!
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    Switch to windows
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    @achehab lol that's like saying "oh you took a wrong turn? Looks like we need to take your car away and have someone drive you around, oh but only where they want to go, sorry."
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    @UltimaQ *only some of the places where you want to go...
    Not all of them :P
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    @UltimaQ haha, it was a joke 😀, but do it
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