Guy sees me on my laptop and says "is that Linux?". I say yes then he says he is into computer "stuff and can hack anything". Not having a clue what that means I replied with a "awesome".

I don't have really any friends that are into "computers", so I decided to play ball.

I asked, "Are you into coding?.. he says, "Yes". Then I ask, " What languages?" He says, " Just what ever, anything really, it depends on what I am doing."

At this point I understand what is going on but it is so awkward. He continues.. "Recently I used.. what's it called abd or adb, you know I like rooted my phone"...

And let's talk about something else....

Why do people feel the need to lie or whatever you might call what happened. It might be different I think if he wasn't about 40.

I feel like this is a pretty common story

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    I call openly call bullshit on that kind of people. I don't like people lying about their skills to seem more 1337 or so.e shit.
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    Now that I agree that it's too pretentious to act cool by lying.
    But, if you see bit differently, maybe the 40 year old guy had no idea what really coding was or was quasi informed.
    Anyways, peace.
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