VUEX why do you make things so complicated.

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    That’s what Avril Lavigne said..
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    @just8littleBit Haha yeah, i just dont like how they laid out their coding standards. It just makes everything so spaghetti. One reason why i dont like using frameworks (for some) sometimes because i dont like how they want me to standardize my code. :(
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    @dllsethr next maintainer on your project will hate you.
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    @Cultist yeah :( idk maybe i just need more time to get my hands wet with vuex, idk why im so pissed off at vuex. Maybe its because my other co-dev poorly designed the structure of it in Laravel.
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    @smb26 I just dont like how vuex is being structured. I'm not sure if the problem is the existing code of my co-developer structured it the way he used to or i just need more time to learn about it. Just posting my rants here cause i have been swearing for days because of vuex. LOL
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    @dllsethr thats the whole thing, Vue and VueX lets you go completely free. They dont force any style on to you. Ive used it in two projects and both where using different programming paradigms
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    @Humanoid- Yeah i believe it was really my colleagues bad design that i didn't appreciate Vuex's capabilities. Just hate how you have to code into different files just to create a simple form that submits to a POST route in Laravel. psh
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    @Codex404 Yeah youre right, it was just my colleagues bad design that made me go rage on vue and vuex. Made me blame vuex, because of how he structured the code. :/ Sometimes i just hate working with someone who thinks theyre too good for the technology.
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    I used to fight with Vuex a lot. Used to hate how it's never quite working so smooth with deeply nested object. Turns out that projects where I built the data structure with Vuex's quirks in mind (read: very, flat data structures) not only didn't run into problems with Vuex, but were overall a lot easier to maintain. So all it really did was teach me to design data structures. (Doesn't quite help if someone else did it, though)
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    8 / 10 tims vuex is too big for your use case ;-\
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