What do you put in your resume if you get an offer from google?

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    A history of spying my family members
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    I put:
    * Declined offer at Google
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    Considering this community is full of Linux fan boys that jerk off to "muh data" and Autistically screech anytime they see google mentioned anywhere, you're asking the wrong place lmao.
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    @Stuxnet lies
    Some of us know the risk to privacy google holds, and still use their services anyway 😅

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    @C0D4 Yea man @Stuxnet does this too.

    But like the level of pointless hatred towards Google (and Apple, Microsoft.... really all the major companies) in this community is fucking ridiculous.
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    @Stuxnet REEEEEE
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    @Frederick no.

    They're overpriced bricks with a mediocre OS. Hardly call that blindly.

    Bonus reason: a large chunk of their users are retarded as fuck

    Edit: the chunk I'm referring to are the ones that say shit about Android cameras, even though outside of the $100 pieces of shit, the cameras are all decent to superior.

    Or the ones that say shit like "my phone could shatter, the battery could die when I unplug it and I'd still never get an Android."

    Or the people who bitch because of a "green chat bubble"

    Like that one user on here who basically called everyone that didn't use apple products poor.
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    @Stuxnet stop being poor and buy an iPhone 😏

    Actually I enjoy my iPhones over Android counterparts simply because they work better for me for most things, I don't have to worry about my phone being thrown of the updates by a phone manufacturer moments after I buy it, I don't need the heavy customizations and root/jail break it to death and remove all the OS's services, and almost all the "but you can't do x on iOS" arguments are incorrect, granted it can take a bit of effort at times.

    The ecosystem works well when you have multiple devices (I dont have a mac - I'm too poor for that shit... hides my MSI laptop)
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    @C0D4 that's the reason why I got a Pixel (because I couldn't find an Android one device that would work with Verizon [fuck you Verizon] that wasn't a piece of shit).

    Constant updates, a simple OS without a shitty skin and the gesture navigation in Q is fucking awesome. (Thank you apple for making something worth copying for a change lmao.)

    I am trying to find a cheap iPhone for the sake of FaceTime though lmao. All my friends have an iPhone and it'd be great to be able to FaceTime them whenever we're all apart over break (and a few of them are going to be graduating and likely moving soon, making the "need" for face to face [in a sense lol] communication a bit higher).
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    What’s special with google that you want to put anything more in resume besides what you have there already ?

    If they want to hire you, pass their tests, agree to their work conditions and go work there.

    This is just another corporation with it’s own work policy so be prepared to use their in-house tools that you won’t be able to use when you leave.
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    @sandeepbalan, back to you. What makes google so different to any other company you would apply to?
    Just put your resume together like you would anyone else.
    A resume only gets you into an interview if shortlisted.
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    Did you mean "if you get a call from Google"? Because if you got the offer, you don't have to worry about your resume` for a while
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    This document might give you some facts about work conditions there.

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    @C0D4 Actually i am looking for job change and updating my resume. I put some works i have done on experience section and added some languages on skills. So i was actually wonder what else this community consider while updating. To be honest I added google to get some hype. Unfortunately the discussion diverted about google i guess.
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    @sandeepbalan we have a bad habit of going on a tangent around here.

    As for the real problem at hand, I just list key things I've accomplished or had to build, Add tech / languages / frameworks and platforms I've worked with and any major integrations that aren't bubble wrapped in a NDA.

    Strangely my latest resume is already 3 pages and i was only in the highlights reel, you manage to get a lot done and work with a lot of things over the course of 5 years.
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    I'd probably decline because their application process is too cumbersome, and the statistical chance of making it through is minor. That leaves a lot of wasted leisure time.
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    @Stuxnet the best way to destroy google is from the inside
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    @Codex404 the best way to destroy google is stop talking about google.
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    @vane nah, you cant do that singlehandedly.
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    @Codex404 based on history it will happen the way you described. Some next Torvalds or Robespierre will end it.
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    @C0D4 How about adding devrant profile to resume. So that they will get an idea how lonely you are.
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    @sandeepbalan depends on what you've ranted about I guess 😂
    I think I'll pass, need a safe place to relieve myself without worry about being fired.
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    @sandeepbalan mind you, if you have a training profile somewhere that's relevant to what you are currently doing it probably doesn't hurt, Or adding your github/lab profile ect.
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