Hi! Im new here, whish to learn a lot from you

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    WELCOME !! 😁
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    @R1100 thank you😊
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    Lesson 1: tags are comma separated, not hastag
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs thank you, I'll remember thisπŸ‘Œ
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    @flake That's not a choice, though, since devRant will treat "#foo #bar" as a single tag, thus preventing the search feature to function properly.
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    @flake mmm hashbrowns. Yep so getting some tonight.

    @ImNewbie welcome to the circus.
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    @flake where are you?
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    @flake ok I'll get you one, but I'm a eat it before I make it out there.

    Do you have Uber eats out there?
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    Get yourself an avatar :D
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    Don't eat the yellow snow
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    Welcome... But I’m gonna disappoint you.
    You have to learn nothing from us.
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    Welcome 😊
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    Welcome! Also as a piece of shit that I am: *wish
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    FX [ Waves in a friendly manner from far far away.. ]

    Trust no one !

    Offsite backups are a good thing.

    Learn to use the mouse with your other hand, in case you ever lose it.

    Text should not be any smaller than 14 points.

    (You will no doubt find out why when you get older !)
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    Well hey there new fella!
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