##Real fuckening STORY##
Angry client: this feature is not working like we discussed !

Me: it is.. *giving some explanation*

Client : no, this is not the right way

Me: But this is what we documented while gathering requirements, and YOU signed in the documentation..

Client : that long document? you don't expect me to read all of that talk just for this simple feature..

Me inside: *killing him 5 times in 5 different ways

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    Well at least you get feedback from your clients. One our clients doesn't check and rest shit and passes it on our to their clients which actually test it. Then any complaints are coming straight back to us whether they are valid or not and we go back and forth like that. It's exhausting.

    So be glad you get straight feedback from a client who knows what they want (even if it changes regularly)
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    Only 5 times?
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    How dare you even think about killing me?!

    Come at me, bitch!
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    Client sounds like old dude in his 50s
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    @nothappy no. He/She sounds like total idiot.
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    You sign it ... You pay if you want modification simple as that
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    Me: yes, I do expect you to read that long document because you're going to put money on those specs.
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    I misread that as "the 'angry client' feature was not working".
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    @Coffe2Code Spamming. Pretty obvious.
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    I can offer some good disposal ideas for those five corpses...
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    You should have asked him to transfer his firm to your name in the documentation. That would teach him to read stuff before signing it 😂.
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