Does the light of your laptop destroy your sleep ?
Mine REALLY does :/

Been suffering of insomnia for more than 4 months and the therapist said it's either self depression or anxiety !
Now I know : It's all my laptop's blue shade fault !!

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    My lappy also have a stupid blue led that blinks with the power of thousand suns when it’s sleeping.
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    If you only knew how many fucking lights I have in my bedroom. Even better since when your eyes get adjusted to the dark it starts to burn into my eyes.
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    Try redshift. I used to have this problem too but it really helps!

    Also, @neriald


    Totally helps
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    OP: if it's four months, then it's definitely not just the blue light. After few sleepless nights you suitor have been able to sleep in full daylight.
    Nevertheless, there are other things that might be happening with you, quite opposite of depression or anxiety - for example hipomania episode.
    Watch out for yourself.
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    I just realized that I'm an idiot. Granted that I wrote the comment while half asleep but still.
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