I found this posted by a recruiter and I liked it:
| hired someone that didn't shake my hand firmly during the
interview - he rocked as an employee.
| hired someone with three typos on their resume. - She was
the most detailed oriented person l’ve ever worked with.
| hired someone without a college degree- He was way
smarter, innovative, and creative than mel!
| hired someone with four kids- Never met someone so
devoted and committed to her career.
| hired someone who had been incarcerated as a young adult.
- He's a VP now.
| hired someone over 60- she taught me some tricks on excel
that | use to this day!
Can we please throw out all those silly assumptions and rules that we've made up in our head about what a person needs to
be, look like, have accomplished, and do, to succeed?
In my experience, as an HR leader and as a hiring manager, it's those that typically don't get a “shot” who tend to kick butt
in the workplace!
So before you throw that resume away because they don't have every certificate and degree - or - don't call back that candidate because they didn't give you a firm handshake - think about trying something new. Someone new.

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    I *mostly* agree. I certainly wouldn't aim to assume anything about anyone because of the number of kids they have, their age, their gender, or their educational background.

    But the typos one?! If you have a resume full of typos, that's *not* a good sign, and I *will* discriminate based on that. It doesn't necessarily mean that you get chucked out the door as a candidate, but it certainly counts as a point against you, and rightly so IMHO.
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    I also saw that on linkedin, to me it's mostly bullshit and if you have luck with those guys, consider trying lottery because you might win :v It seems to encourage people who are looking for a job to be less professional than they could
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    Looks like spam.
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    @vane it's a post of like hungry persons
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    This is the problem of overlapping normal distributions.

    This means

    1. All of the most disorganised people have typos on their resume.

    2. so do a large number of average organised people.

    3. Most average organised people will have no typos on their resume.

    4. None of the most organised people has a typeo on their resume.

    so if you are looking for some one at the extreme end of the organised bell curve they won't have any errors on their resume.

    Likewise for the other indicators.
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    I once accidentally hired a dog, and he was very good at Powerpoint.
    I once accidentally hired someone dead, never heard a complaint about him.
    I even hired myself accidentally at one point, and I'm the best me I've ever been.
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    @Fast-Nop wait.. the PowerPoint point ­čžÉ
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    @Coffe2Code for me it’s no different then:
    “If you like and share my post something nice will happen to you within a month”
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    those |'s replacing I's are really triggering me..
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    @muttley thank you, you saved me from explaining that
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