Fedora or Arch?

Will be using on the laptop.

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    Arch for the memes.

    Fedora for the dreams.

    No, seriously: Fedora, if possible.
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    @bhushant3769 If it's for a work laptop I recommend trying Fedora, getting used to it and going for Arch if Fedora is not enough.
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    Arch. Sure it will be hard from start but dammit you will learn a lot in that time. You will have full control over the system and you have acess to AUR ffs what else do you want ?

    And those people that tell you that Arch is unstable are telling shit.

    I have wise words for you.

    Arch is going to be as stable as you are.

    If you are going to be unstable and write shit into terminal and force update without thinking or just not doing stuff properly hell yeah it will break.

    It is as if you bought a microwave and you remove the front door because it isnt said that it will break if you do so.

    then you have not functional microwave that can be fixed if you put time into it. Or you have the option to "hack" it by placing a shim into the slot where doors would latch and it will work but will leak radiation. The same goes for Arch. Do stuff properly and you will have best distro you ever wanted. Do it bad way and "hack" it and you will have a bad time.
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    @Haxk20 Thanks for great information, what are your thought for arch noob to start with Monjaro?
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    @bhushant3769 I woudlnt recommend it as they use their own repos and some software is outdated for few days and can sometimes cause issues. But as a starting point until you get used to pacman and updating i would say go for it.
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    If you have a LOT of time then install Arch but if you want to get straight to work install Fedora.
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    @Haxk20 ya need to allocate a couple of hours to go through the arch installation process. Have any tips to speed up the process?
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    @bhushant3769 You can get it all installed under 1 hour. Really. I got my GNOME setup done under 2 hours with all the stuff i use.

    Arch Wiki is your best friend.
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    I use manjaro and didn't have any real problems untill now. Depends on what you consider a problem. Learned a lot when switching from windows. If you have more time Arch might be the better choice as I don't have an opinion on fedora
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    If low specs, arch
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    @bhushant3769 about installing arch: I found a while ago Anarchy Linux, it's really not bad (not too bloated), and even the die-hards will forgive you if you use it for your first installs, but the philosophy is really to build it yourself in all aspects.

    I recommend Arch if you want to dive in and learn and have the largest repo of software ready (AUR).

    If it just needs to work and always needs to work plus you don't want to put much time into it or anything too exotic, go with Fedora
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    If u are new to Linux, Ubuntu or Fedora.

    Otherwise Arch. (or it's derevatives)
    Manjaro is a real good one.
    Has nearly all the benefits of Arch without having to struggle with installation. Also comes with nice default themes.
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    Linux distro usually depends on you, not on the distro itself.

    All distros had good and bad parts. It's like a car. It all depends on your needs.

    Read about them, consider everyones opinions, but do not get them as true (they are true to them, not necessarily to you). If you have some time, test them before commit to one.

    You will learn more and will make a better choice. :)
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    Ahhh shit here we go again......
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    I know it ain't one of the options you listed...but pop os is really great.
    Of the previous ones I would go for Arch. I really liked it back when i used it, but i am currently in love with pop os
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    Linux MX, lightweight like Arch but it's Debian so support and stability is plenty.
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    @AleCx04 isn't popos just ubuntu with a different theme?
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    Go for Kali
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