Mac text substitution is coming to Chrome 77!


...and it's a TERRIBLE BLOODY IDEA. Any Chrome Mac users visiting any sites that display code will likely be shown the substituted crap, unless they've picked up on it and modified their site in time.

Seriously, take these cutsie "oohhhh, I want my ellipsis to display as a *proper* ellipsis character" mindsets and shove them where the sun don't shine. By all means provide the functionality as opt-in via a CSS declaration or whatever, but don't just assume your love of bloody "smart quotes" trumps everyone else's ability to see the *actual content* on the site.

Grumbly grumble old fart grumble.

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    🤦‍♂️people actually use those things?
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    On mac this is out of the box and happens consistently across the system. Given the face that the bug is not appearing in safari (it was expressed in the comments in the linked page), Apple is treating chrome as second-class citizen somehow. Not that it's something new, this behavior (vendors can't provide their own js engine) is well-known on iOS.
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