So I thought I will set up a PIN to make logging into the corporate PC easier. Hm... based on these requirements I can probably stick with password.

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    Get a smartcard (or equivalent): Those PINs are excluded by password policy.
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    I'd love to see the verification for not-a-pattern
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    It is a PIN but needs to include letters? 😲
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    WTFF? What kind of retard specified that a Personal Identification NUMBER has to have letters? I can't cope with some people's stupidity.

    You know what else grinds my gears. When people say "PIN number".

    Now where's the emoji for "eating my hat"?
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    How can a pin include letters
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    Lol.. those re actually requirements for a complex password. Has nothing to do with PINS
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    @nonybrighto max 20 chars, too?
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    Why the absurd requirements?
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    Before: 🤠
    After: 😋
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    @nitwhiz didn't see that at first.
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    Some idiot must've set this up, requirement for having a letter already kinda excludes number patterns as whole..
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