Everyone here hates WordPress i guess.
Why do people show too much hate for it ?

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    It's a blog platform. Not an e-commerce platform.

    The plugin community are bound by no standards and destroy the living shit out of the templates to make their shit work.

    Plugins are not modulated but are injected directly into templates at will.

    I have worked with several Wordpress sites in the past and every single one of them has been a infested pile of junk.
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    Because people hate PHP and overall they hate having PHP mixed with HTML.

    IMO WordPress is an awesome product for standard websites.
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    @ZioCain my dear check @C0D4 he has a point
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    @ZioCain I'm a PHP dev, I'll work on almost any PHP based project, but the state of the plugins and WP community in general is enough for me to refuse to work with it.
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    It takes some getting used to, but it's not a bad product. I've made plugins and themes for WP and don't mind it.
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    WordPress is good for what it's good for.
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    @C0D4 Also the security problems with the plugins and even themes (WTF). So you have to update. Yeah and then shit breaks, great.
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    @Mba3gar @C0D4 you are absolutely right.
    I only developed a website on wordpress starting from an already done theme. I DON'T EVER WANT TO DO IT AGAIN.

    But once you actually make your own theme and use just a bunch of plugins like yoast, contact form 7, acf and similar you're good.

    The most destructive plugin I get to use once in a while is WooCommerce which fucks up everything overriding an awful lot of stuff.

    But, again, for simple websites, it is really a good tool.
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    Wordpress is ok for simple sites, blogs. What I hate about it is that it has become a hammer that people use for everything. Including complex sites that it just cannot handle. Most of the plugins are of low quality and cost a few dollars each making for a buy this, buy that mess. I have seen/worked on many WP sites that simply turn into a disintegrating mess when plugin after plugin is "required". The architecture of wp is problematic and as mentioned plugins are mostly junk. Drupal is better if the site might become more then a basic blog at some point. Drupal has a more solid architecture and the modules are mostly good or excellent. Although I am not quite sure the direction taken with version 8 was a great idea.
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    My company's website is running on WordPress and every so often the VM which is running it just stops working probably due to a memory leak or something. My boss' solution? A Cron job which turns the VM off and on again. He is too lazy to not look for the actual issue (either a plugin or WordPress itself).. and since that's my sole experience with WordPress, I hate it
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    @Ubbe and for simple sites or blogs, static website generators are an even better fit. Much better performance and no security hassle.
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    @EngineerCoding I used to have a server (outdated os, no updates in years) that needed a reboot every few days. It would just freeze up otherwise.
    That cronjob for a reboot works well, but getting it onto a fresh install /environment was a painful yet satisfying fix.
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