I want to get work done but people keep striking up conversations with me T_T

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    Office life sucks.
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    Hey, how you're doing?
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    Hows things going?
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    What's up?
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    Ignore them or use headsets so they don't start a conversation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    do you have a kitten?
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    Get a big headset, put it on, and pretend you're deaf.
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    @mint-eye @IAmAnIssue often times that turns into a game for them where they persist and start chuckling when they finally get your attention instead of taking the hint.
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    Chatting with them is your work, at least part of it
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    Life was easier in the days when we had offices with doors you could lock, rather than open plan offices.

    I'm reminded my manager took the sign off his door, thinking I wouldn't remember where he was so I couldn't go and complain about stuff !
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    To be fair, the building was huge !

    Think hundreds of kilometres of corridors..

    And we wasn't allowed a map !

    Lucky for me I played Doom. :-)
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