Sometimes, certain features don't work in my app if it's uploaded to the production track in Google Play.

It works in debug mode.
It works in release mode.
It works in the internal testing track.
...but it won't work in the production track? Y'know, the one that actually matters? Theoretically, there shouldn't really be a difference if the same exact APK was uploaded to the internal testing and production track, but... idk dude.

As a result, I implemented a secret way to test a feature in the production build (it's an app to remotely control OBS Studio): if the first connection you added is named "yayeet_" and you open the disclaimer, it tests the feature. Luckily, I got some of the stuff figured out, but I just thought the way I had to test it in production was dumb.

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    I'm pretty sure that what you did is called a backdoor.
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